[4:55 PM] Michelle Dennison-Bunch

GI Genius

Man's torso diagram with digestive system highlighted in red

The AI Advantage of GI Genius™

GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module is trained to help automatically detect colorectal polyps regardless of shape, size, and morphology. The GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module has a 99.7 percent sensitivity rate, and less than 1 percent false activations. It also performs real-time analysis; 82 percent faster than the endoscopist.

Gem State Endoscopy began using GI Genius™ Artificial Intelligence in August of 2022. 

GI Genius™ is designed to help you. Second observers during colonoscopy can improve adenoma detection rate (ADR). Endoscopists with higher ADR during screening colonoscopy, more effectively reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. AI-assisted colonoscopy can increase ADR by identifying missed lesions and helping endoscopists detect the undetected.

Actor, Ryan Reynolds, tells his colonoscopy story in this video.