[4:55 PM] Michelle Dennison-Bunch

Colorectal Cancer Screening Types

Types of Colorectal Cancer Screening

Because colon cancer begins as growths called polyps, finding and removing polyps is the best way to prevent colon cancer.  There are three types of CRC screening:

  1. ​Colonoscopy – 95% of large polyps detected
  2. Stool DNA (Cologuard) – 42% of large polyps detected
  3. Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) – 30% of large polyps detected

Colonoscopy is the gold standard for finding polyps. If polyps are found during a colonoscopy, they are removed during the same single procedure.  This eliminates the need for additional procedures or tests.

If polyps are found through FIT or a Cologuard test, a colonoscopy must be performed to remove the polyps.

Unfortunately, the majority of large polyps go undetected with FIT and Cologuard tests.  When polyps aren’t found and removed it increases the risk of developing colon cancer.

colon cancer diagram from Mayo clinic

Colon cancer can happen in any part of the colon. An exam of the whole colon using a long, flexible tube with a camera is one way to detect colon cancer and polyps. This exam is called a colonoscopy. Source: Mayo Clinic